Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Uniqueness Can Work Wonders

Passion, Speed and attitude, these things altogether make an auto logo design. No matter if your business is about water boats, heavy trucks or aircraft supplies your corporate identity should appear as a style icon because only a stylish brand representation will grab the attention of automotive lovers to purchase what you offer.

When designing an automobile logo design you should remember that it should depict the exact business theme e.g.; if your company specializes in spare parts of heavy bikes then you may draw parts related to heavy bikes in your corporate identity, especially those ones that are most asked by automotive lovers. It is also important to use right colors in it in order to stay in this business theme. Red, black and blue are the best colors to put in your corporate identity as they depict the elements of power, speed and trendiness.

You can look at some car graphic design samples before starting to create your vehicle business identity as it is very important to gather all the information or inspirational piece of graphics to come up with a nice creation.

However, you must make sure that you don't re create something that has been made by some other graphic designer because this can probably cost your entire business name that you have earned, as it is a big mess to face someone who accuses you of copying his art work.

What is the nature of your particular industry and its USP that is unique selling proposition? USP when employed creates striking encroachment in the minds of the viewers. USP (Unique selling proposition) in your product is a unique expression which will assist in planting unique brand identity in the market.

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